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TruEstimator -Residential (TE-R) Certification:

The insurance industry is truly unique.  This is especially true in property claims where there are no national standards to define or describe the training, specific knowledge, and skill set a property adjuster should have to be qualified for estimating and managing a claim for property damage.  Most every other industry offers standards for their professionals (e.g. teachers, real estate agents, appraisers, inspectors, pest control, plumbers, electricians, HVAC, and so on).  Adjusters & Contractors Performance Training  now offers a solution to identify adjusters who have demonstrated the proper knowledge and skills for residential property damage estimating.  We are excited to introduce the new TruEstimator -Residential (TE-R) Certification coming in 2020.  

The TruEstimator-Residential (TE-R) Certification is a 250 question exam that covers building materials, damage assessment, and calculations.  The exam has no software related questions as software is only a tool for writing estimates and the best adjusters know this.  The exam follows our philosophy that knowledge is power and good estimates come from proper scopes, knowledge, and skill.  Our other philosophy is nothing is given and all must be earned.  Therefore, under no circumstance should any training course be offered with passing guaranteed.  We believe that those who want to be the best should have an opportunity to demonstrate they have accumulated the knowledge and skills that proves their expertise and value.   The TE exam is very challenging but those who pass it will have earned the distinction of being one of the best in this industry.


Courses, Study Material, and Registration:

Due to Covid-19, this  course will be delayed until late 2021.   

To inquire about the course, please call (817) 849-2722.  Dates and registration will start in early 2020. 

Privacy Policy:   Information we collect from subscribing or registering for a class is not shared with any 3rd party.  

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