Please note the following:


Registration Deadline

The last day we will accept a registration for a class is 5 days before the class begins.  No registrations are allowed on the first day of any class.  We do not accept walk-ins on the first day of any class. 


Payment Guidelines 

We accept either credit card or check for class tuition fees.  After registration, someone from Adjusters & Contractors Performance Training will call you to verify your registration and answer any questions.  Then, we email an invoice by 1 day after registration.  Full payment is required no later than 1 business day before the class begins.  We will not accept payments on the first day of class.



When discounts are offered, course registration and full payment must be received 14 days before that class begins.  We do offer full refund on class tuition fees before a class begins.  

Special Requests

For anyone with special requests or needing other assistance, please call us at 817-849-2722.



Each student must provide their own transportation to and from our campus each day.  Local hotels may offer shuttle but please verify this service with your hotel before booking.

Students are responsible for their own lodging costs while taking a class.  We are happy to provide hotel recommendations.  Under no circumstance do we reimburse any student for lodging costs if a class is cancelled before it begins.  


Students are responsible for their own lunch and other food/beverage costs during class session.  Complimentary water/soda and light snacks are available.



Students must provide their own laptop installed with estimating software before class begins.  Students must bring their own tape measure, calculator, paper, highlighter, pen or pencils for taking notes.  Students can expect to take a lot of notes.  We do have some supplies on hand for those who may run out.


Class Daily Schedule

During our initial phone call to verify your registration, we will go over the daily class schedule. 

Technology Policy/Class Conduct Policy

After our initial phone call, we will email to you our technology and class conduct policy.  Our building is a non-smoking facility.  We do NOT allow tobacco products of any kind in class.  We do NOT allow any video or audio recording of our classes.  Our dress attire is business casual.  No shorts, flip flops, tank tops, t-shirts, etc. worn in class

Feel free to call us at 817-849-2722 with any questions regarding this registration.