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We are excited to bring to you our online bookstore featuring original E-books and whitepapers created especially for members of the insurance and construction industry. We currently have two featured items available in our store:

E-book - Catastrophe Adjusting
by Trent Massey (316 pages)

Every year the insurance industry receives thousands upon thousands of claims related to catastrophes such as hailstorms, tornadoes, hurricanes, ice storms, and other. Every year adjusters are deployed to handle these losses. While many are staff adjusters employed by insurance companies, a good portion of these claims are actually handled by independent catastrophe adjusters. Some have done very well in this job but many have not. This often begs the question, "So how does one become a good catastrophe adjuster"?

The E-book, Catastrophe Adjusting, by Trent Massey answers those questions and more. Trent has often said he wrote his e-book to help the right person get into this job and to help the wrong person stay away from it. His e-book is over 300 pages and focuses on expectations one should have when considering this job. While his e-book was written in 2006, the book is still relevant today and provides a foundation for new adjuster candidates.  Before one spends thousands of dollars in licensing, certifications, equipment, travel and other expenses – read this e-book.

Originally this has sold for $14.99 but we are offering for the first time ever this valuable E-book for FREE!

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Whitepaper - Responsible Entrepreneurship/
Corporate Social Responsibility
(Small to Medium Size Business)

by Trent Massey

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs aren't just for giant corporations. They can also be tailored for the small to medium size business. For the insurance industry particularly, CSR programs can be created for agents, brokers, independent adjusting firms, restoration companies, and other vendors providing services to the industry. At the end of the day it is about being a more responsible business and it is even better when goals can be achieved without complex programs.

There certainly exists environmental and business case reasons to create a CSR program for members of the insurance industry. The industry without a doubt understands risks and it should consider the risks in doing nothing. What if someday a restoration company who receives 25% of referrals from a publicly traded insurer is suddenly asked (or even told) to create a CSR program or it will lose business? Wouldn't that be a valid reason to consider a CSR program (quickly)? What if engaging in a CSR program could result in operation savings, improved relationships with employees, or even boosting sales? Those are good reasons to consider a CSR program, right?

If you are an agent, broker, independent adjusting firm, restoration company, or other vendor providing services to the insurance industry, a good first step when considering a CSR program is requesting our whitepaper. It's FREE.

The second step is to contact Adjusters & Contractors Performance Training for a FREE consultation. We would enjoy learning about your business, hearing your thoughts, and helping you create an effective but yet affordable CSR program that achieves results.

To request your free whitepaper, send an email providing your name, title, company, address, and phone to:






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