Adjusters & Contractors Performance Training offers high quality, skills and knowledge based claims estimating training that prepares our students for their new job on Monday morning and beyond.  What we do which separates us from everyone else is we focus on performance.   So, we don't teach theory and we don't dumb our courses down so everyone is guaranteed to pass.   We don't offer easy.  We offer a future. 

Finally, our instructors actively work in the insurance and/or reconstruction industry.  Think about this.. Its common knowledge that many college professors and lecturers hold positions in their field of expertise outside of academics.  This experience makes them better teachers because they have current real world knowledge, not just theories.  For this reason is why we prefer our instructors to hold outside positions in the insurance or reconstruction industry.   Anyone paying for a training class should always ask, "Who is my instructor and what are their qualifications to teach me?"   There are too many "training experts" today with little subject matter expertise and less than ideal time in the field.  For some, it seems like their first or second job was training which can be a red flag for learners.  Its a red flag to us.  We prefer trainers who are subject matter experts with significant field experience - who now love teaching and sharing their wealth of knowledge.   Our instructors have years of proven and successful track record in the field plus we know exactly what our learners are thinking.  


Adjusters & Contractors Performance Training is owned by TruServant, Inc. with its corporate office at 500 Grapevine Hwy, Ste 414, Hurst, TX 76054   



Privacy Policy:   Information we collect from subscribing or registering for a class is not shared with any 3rd party.  

Adjusters and Contractors Performance Training 

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Adjusters & Contractors Performance Training is owned by TruServant, Inc.